The Thing Is…

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time now. Wasn’t sure it was really something for me. What if nobody ever looked at it? What if nobody ever liked one single post? Would I feel silly? Would I regret giving it a go? But I don’t believe in regrets! Nevertheless, armloads of such doubts and insecurities floated around inside my head, which is quite unlike me. I am usually pretty confident and sure of my decisions.

So I decided to go for it. Just because I can. With some serious Irish-tinted bullshit, as the name suggests, thrown into the mix.

I hope the ‘bullshit’ name makes you laugh a little. Because more than anything else, I want you, my ‘readers’ (she says hopefully!) to laugh. With me or about me and my (slightly insane) exploits. I want you to share a little of my world; my life perspective, my experiences and (just some of) what I feel, because there’s a lot going down these days!

In fact, was there ever a time when I didn’t have that feeling? Maybe not. 

So please – blog along with me. Let’s see where we end up, a year or so from now. I’ll do my best to keep you mildly entertained, or vaguely intrigued and hopefully we’ll all have fun with it along the way.

Oh, and if you’d like to get in touch directly, feel free to send me a mail at:


9 thoughts on “The Thing Is…

    1. Thanks Genie (am I spelling that right??)!!! Same to you, Tara and all your loved ones and friends. Hubby and I had a lovely NY celebration as my sister was here with her eldest son, we all went out for cocktails and watched the fireworks across the city at midnight. It is always great here for NY. If u like, send me a private email address and I will share a few photos!

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  1. Tell you what… you make me laugh! I have very much the same objective for my blog. I feel if I can make just one person smile per day then I’d have achieved something positive for the day… even though I may be feeling down. That’s why it’s important to visit other blogs… usually the smiles are returned!! 😉

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    1. Thank u very much, that really cheers me up. Having a bit of a gloom day, just silly stuff and reflections on a tough year gone by etc. But when I hear this I already feel better, so here’s a smile back for u, over in the Green Isle! (Pretty damp I suspect). Because u r so right, and I think we do share that purpose, I only recently realised u also write a lot, and love to do so. I had u pegged as ‘photographer extraordinaire’ but there is much more to the tale… 😉.


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