So, rugby’s the one with the pointy ball – right?

I try. I do, I do, I do, I do. It’s rugby world cup time these weeks and almost everyone I know is feverishly caught up in it. So I want to be too. Especially for Ireland, who won the (what’s it called again? oh yeah) Six Nations cup last year which qualifies them for undying support from every living, breathing Irish person…

But, the thing is… I’m totally crap at it! I know next to nothing about rugby and no amount of ‘come on Ireland!!’ screeches, thrown eagerly into the room during an Ireland-versus-anyone-else match can change that.

Last weekend, Ireland played France. I’d read here that the French media had been targeting Irish players quite vindictively beforehand, in a bit to psyche them out. This got my gander up. “We better really thrash them!” I spat vehemently to hubby, as we prepared for the showdown. He raised an eyebrow, surprised by my sudden interest.

As the game progressed I gave it my all. “That’s a bad tackle” I yelled, “he should be sent off for doing that!!”. “No love, that’s allowed in rugby” was his response. Five minutes later, “what kind of a ref is that!” I fumed, when France was -correctly – awarded a penalty (in truth, I spotted no reason for penalties throughout, scrums are just one big mash-up to me but I felt right was on my side this time because it was against ‘our lads in green’). As did most of the Irish spectators, methinks. We’re like that, us Irish. Big on the emotion, less on the rationalisation.

At times I was certain things were going too far. “The poor man’s head will be smashed in!” I whined in horror, watching a scrum, “look, look! The other guy’s boot is hovering over his skull!”. And when a second Irish player ended up on a stretcher, my indignation knew no limits, “what the hell… doesn’t anyone try to stop this insanity?”. You get the picture.

But at least I now know how teams can score (try = 5 points; conversion – 2 more). Proud of this new knowledge I totally over-used it, delighting in my expertise, “wow, now they only have to get a conversion and they’ll be 8 points ahead – right? Right?” I yelled. “Yes!” shouted hubby, “same as last time!” (patience finally wearing a wee bit thin).

By the time I’d double-checked that Ireland could only score in the left goal for the second half, and asked the difference between a rugby offside and a football one, he’d moved to the far end of the sofa. My run was finally over. Oh well, there’s still the quarter final to enjoy this weekend, I’m thinking of dragging out the Paddy’s Day stuff, just for the craic. There’s bound to be at least one good green wig somewhere in there…

World cup rugby
“That poor man’s head is going to be crushed!”

12 thoughts on “So, rugby’s the one with the pointy ball – right?

  1. Oh well… we’ll have to wait another four years!! Look at it this way… I understand the game and rules… I played the game and I also shout at the refs… and players… and the refs. Sorry, did I say the ref? Oh well… I can’t even say I’m happy a southern hemisphere team won… because I’m not!! 😉

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  2. I loved the keen observation from
    A female perspective of how grasping the facts of Rugby needs focus to absorb what is going on, I still struggle myself, despite the fact of having 2 sons who have been playing for 12yrs now!!!!

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  3. Love this post! It reminds me of my life-long teaching moments trying to explain American “football” to my daughter, Tara. She loves many sports, like I do, but the basic rules of football she has never been able to understand. I had long thought that perhaps I was a bad teacher but different boyfriends and boy friends have also tried and failed.
    But no matter what the sport, Go Ireland!!

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  4. Firstly, LOVE the blog! It’s gorgeous. Soon I will be re-vamping my own little space on the interwebs, I hope it turns out half as nice as yours.

    Secondly, I think we were meant to be best blog buddies because one of my favourite people in whole wide world just got back from Ireland. I was 75% totally pumped for her, and 25% totally jealous because Ireland is at the top of my “must-see” list. But I only thought about kicking her out of jealously twice, so I think that means I’m growing as a person.

    Thirdly, I’m half Irish and I think that’s why I’m so good at drinking. I’m not sure what relevancy this has here, but I really wanted to mention it.

    And lastly, OH MY GOD I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT SPORTS. Because I’m Canadian, it’s hockey here and I try really hard to get caught up in it but I just don’t have the same passion. I mainly only watch playoffs. But the last couple days, it’s all about the Blue Jays (baseball). Apparently they’ve made the play-offs (or whatever they call it) for the first time in 20 years and it’s ALL ANYONE CAN TALK ABOUT. Seriously, I’m getting snapchats about it. Every time someone starts talking about it in my head I’m all like “focus… focus… they are talking about sports… focus… but all I hear is this:“.

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    1. oh you are SO growing as a person, very proud of you indeed my dear! 🙂 wow, what a lovely, lovely message, YES, let’s be very good blog buddies!! (as I type I am sipping my glass of wine, hehe). As for the sports thing, oh la la, all my Irish buddies living here (Amsterdam) are SO into the whole rugby scene, they blush with fury when I go “whaaat championship?” etc etc. so I just had to do something about it. I mean, yeah. Play-offs, I have vaguely heard of that them but no clue what they mean. Hilarious. And you’re half Irish? yay. Welcome my dear. Let’s give ’em hell!!

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