Wannabe a Gilmore Girl

The thing is… for some daft reason, I have always had a tendency to replay drama scenes I’ve just watched on TV, in my head, within minutes of watching them. I become so ‘caught up’ in the story it’s an easy step to lose myself (again) in the drama while vividly I re-live all the emotional highlights.

Take just now, I was watching an old episode of The Gilmore Girls. It’s a goodie, the one when Luke (Danes) mans up to the stress of Lorelai’s father getting a heart attack, so much better than her gimpy, self-indulgent husband of that moment, Christopher. (Who, by the way, has ‘run off’ to lick his wounds because he feels she still loves Luke more than she loves him and actually has the audacity to ignore her pleading calls to make his way to the hospital! As it turns out, she does actually (love Luke more), so I guess there is some justification for his seemingly paranoid fears but still – what an idiot. I’m gunning for Luke, every time again).

Making myself a cup of tea in the kitchen, with the last scenes on pause so I can savour them quietly while sipping a joyous mug of Barry’s tea, I find myself repeating the dialogue quietly to myself while the kettle boils and I pop a (precious) teabag into a mug. But because I’m lost in my own little ‘dream world’ so very marvellously – I fluff it. And end up calling Luke “Lake Dunes” in my pseudo Lorelai-role. Which puts an immediate end to the whole thing because then I just have to laugh, out loud, at myself and my silliness. And everything grinds to a happy halt.

It’s an odd habit, I’ll readily admit. But no doubt one I’ll continue to do. Why not, right? Other than making a bit of a gob of myself now and then, there’s no harm in it as my mother would have said. And sure everyone around me knows I’m a little bit odd.


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